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Update April 2007 - Symantec released version 2.0 of Norton Save & Restore. See HERE. Version 2.0 differs from version 1.0 is ways detailed in this thread > Norton Save & Restore 2.0. The remainder of this section deals with v1.0, which has some advantages over things left out in v2.0, and compares Ghost with NS&R.

27.february.2006 - Norton Save & Restore (NS&R) is sometimes called Norton Ghost 11 cuz it's the next product released by Symantec that contains a copy of Ghost, following Norton Ghost 10.

NS&R (released 2006) contains a product named Ghost 11 that is functionally the same as Norton Ghost 10, with the added ability to back-up individual folders. (Pre-Ghost 11 products only back-up entire hard drives, or individual partitions, no folders.)

The downside of Norton Save & Restore is that is doesn't come with a copy of Norton Ghost 2003, which some folks (such as myself) prefer for reasons stated HERE. (Note that Ghost 9 and Ghost 10 are very similar, with some preferring Ghost 9 over Ghost 10).

Update: 21.Nov.2006 - Good news! It appears Norton Save & Restore *does* come with Ghost v8.2, which is the corporate version of the original Ghost software, which will allow you to both create and restore images using this software. And this version is not crippled as is the version that comes with Ghost 9. See this thread for details:

For more about NS&R, see the thread in the forums titled: Norton Save & Restore, and also THIS ONE started by Pleo. The official Symantec news release is HERE.

The Rad support board for Norton Save & Restore is here > Community Support for Norton Save & Restore

Note that backing up your folders can be done with a simple drag-n-drop copy, or with many other programs which are superior to the application that comes with NS&R, so that aspect of NS&R seems to be a non-issue.

The main thing to remember while reviewing the differences between various versions of Ghost and other similar programs .. is that it's far better to use *any* imaging/cloning program than it is to use none.

We may quibble over which is better, but everyone agrees it's foolhardy not to back up your system drive with *some* imaging/cloning software.

Symantec answers the question What is Norton Save & Restore? > HERE
Symantec's NS&R FAQ is > HERE.

I will update this page as info regarding Norton Save & Restore comes in from users around the globe. For more info along these lines, here's a Google search pre-configured for the query: norton save and & restore symantec